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Our Challenge at Solutions For Tommorrow was to interface the E-commerce website with a fully developed retail back office solution. Within weeks we were able to create an online ordering system including active inventory without double entry. When an order is placed on the web the order is automatically placed in the back office database reducing the available inventory.

" was able to create an on-line ordering system which is completely integrated with our back office Oracle database solution. They did it on time and within budget.... Very Professional" Dave Marcus President

Whamtech had a very unique challenge for us. One of their corporate missions is to catalog the complete internet. Competing with the likes of Lycos, Yahoo and Alta vista our challenge was to create a spider which would be scallable and fully integrate with their proprietary database. Whamtech has created one of the first VLDB's in the industry. While others struggle to go beyond the 200 million URL catalog whamtech is scheduled to go well beyond 500 Million in the year 2000.

"We asked to create a internet web spider which would allow us to capture the complete web for our Search Engine. We knew we had a database which would allow us to catalog over a billion urls but we didn't have the spidering technology. Although's spider was to be an interim solution so we could prove our concept and attract investors it turned out to be better than the industrial strength spiders for purchase." Brooks Gremmels CEO

Our challenge with Design Experience was to provide a corporate image as well as improve communication between their clients and their vendors. Design Experience is an interior decorator and we were able to give their clients the ability to review their project status on-line. We also allowed their clients to make choices of styles and products online. In the next phase of their engagment we will be communicating orders and invoices electronically with their vendors.

"It is unbelievable the difference that has made with our clients total experience. Information that we use to fax back and forth with our clients is now all comunicated online. Our clients can now see their appliance selections on line and go right to the specifications on the manufactures web sites. They can see prices and features of each product in order to make their final decision. They can make their final choice and our web site notifies us to place the order with our vendors. We continue to discuss with all of our vendors the opportunity that has made for us to streamline our communications." Darren Dorsey Owner

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